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Hi there !

Thanks for stopping by! Let's see… now to describe myself and my journey in photography 🤔…

I used to think of all the possibilities about where I would like to see myself. And each time, I would think of a profession, imagine myself getting there, only to discard that thought at the end –– How about an Air Hostess ?!! 🤔😅. However, I was always inclined towards arts, be it sketching, dancing… the list goes on, but I had to calibrate towards a long-term career option and I ended up pursuing a degree in commerce. Photography never clicked in my head as a profession, but every time i would look at the AE-1 Canon film camera in my closet, left behind by my dad, an absolute lover of photography and someone who engaged in creatively documenting his travels and all the precious time spent together as a family, even an inkling to pursue photography always got a strong backing; as my mom would often remark, "You are your father's replica".

On graduation, like most of us, I got dragged into the daily grind of corporate life. Through fortuitous circumstances, I stumbled upon some amazing photography blogs and joined the photography club at my workplace. I also ended up starting photowalks and my own blog. Add to that, my loved ones and the community at my workplace, encouraged me to pursue this professionally.

After working on different genre’s of photography: wedding, fashion, product, babies, etc over the years in addition to a diploma in fashion photography, I decided to carve my own niche in maternity, kids and baby photography. To help me exceed my expectations, I also sought guidance from the most incredible and generous masters of this genre, in order to ensure a safe and wonderful experience for my clients.

It’s been 7 years. Photography has helped me view our surroundings in a very special and beautiful way. I am captivated by little things and it has brought balance to how i perceive life. I am constantly inspired by simplicity, light and raw emotion. If I were to summarise my work, it's a collection of tender moments adorned by beautiful light, capturing the very essence of life and the nature surrounding it.
And, finally… when I am not shooting, I love to travel, scuba dive, work with clay, learn new and amusing art forms 😄.

- Mridula

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1903-G wing, Rustomjee Azziano, Majiwada, Thane, Maharashtra 400601
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